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Shattered Union 1.0

Shattered Union is a 3D multiplayer war game viewed from an overhead camera
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Shattered Union is a software 3D multiplayer war game available for game players using an Xbox or PC that is a modern tactical game viewed from an overhead camera.
The game features a role-playing futuristic story scenario where the USA has suffered nuclear destruction and has disintegrated to six nation states that have descended in to war. Players are challenged to take charge of one of seven different fractions featured. They are- California Commonwealth, Pacifica, Republic of Texas, Great Plains Federation, The Confederacy, New England Alliance, and the European Union peace force is employed. The players’ mission is to reunify America.

In order to meet their objective, players must invade and take over more than 20 territories as each faction has 4 territories each. Players purchase and repair units in a strategic map and then select and deploy from these purchased, the units they think they will need to send into battle. If they win, players gain control of the territory and also generate cash from revenues. Losing a territory incurs loss of units, which are also required in case of invasion so players must strategically make their decisions. Moves and actions decided upon are played out in full animation models showing explosions, battles etc., throughout a fully destructible terrain/environment that shows forests on fire, and even tracks from tanks, resulting in permanent changes to viewing as the non-linear mission progresses. Players’ reputations as leaders are rewarded with free units that are on the side of good political leaders but who fight against them when their popularity drops.

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